our activities

We are engaged in the negotiations of offshore related contracts. We are also active in offshore projects and marine work, in which we use our long achieved expertise that comes in handy in the most complex situations related to transportation and marine works.


The accrued experience has lead us to work on the below business lines:

  • towage;
  • chartering of supply vessels and anchor handlers;
  • chartering of MSV, DSV, DP vessels in general;
  • transport by tug and barge;
  • transport of power cables and other items needed by the offshore industry;
  • transport of oil rigs and other floating equipment by submersible barge or vessel.


An idea of the jobs that we have been involved in can be taken from the news & gallery section; it must be said that, many times, our involvement has gone a bit beyond the usual broker’s task, as our engagement may include the so-called coordination of the various activities that are common in the most complex business.

The goal is to give a more comprehensive service to Customers that have the advantage to have only one interlocutor in front of them. We are not involved in broking activities other that offshore with the exception of transport of offshore or cable related items, which we do jointly with other operators.

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